Pakistani COVID - 19 government servant hugs boss in revenge for stopping his salary

Karachi: An officer of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), who is suffering from COVID-19, adopted a weird approach to take revenge from senior officer for not releasing his salary.

KMC officer Shehzad Anwar went to meet Director HR Jameel Farooqi, who was incognizant of visitor’s infection, to resolve the issues about his salary. When he tried to shake hand with his senior the latter avoided following the coronavirus SOPs.

Afterwards, berserk Anwar went close to him and hugged him, besides kissing on his cheeks repeatedly in an apparent attempt to infect him.

The director HR received the moves as an act of solicitation but a commotion occurred at the KMC office when Anwar revealed on the senior officer and other employees that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

KMC officer was enraged as the department had stopped issuing salary to him in a punishment for not attending the office.

The virus-positive person, however, said that he had filed an application informing the seniors that he could not report due to the infection.