NAB distributes Rs 207.110 mln cheques Aug 04, 2020

NAB distributes Rs 207.110 mln cheques Aug 04, 2020

         ISLAMABAD- The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Karachi has distributed the cheques worth Rs 207.110 million among various government functionaries.

Director General NAB, Karachi  Dr. Najaf Quli Mirza distributed the cheques amongst the representatives of Government of Sindh, Federal Board of Revenue, Pakistan Steel Mills and PHA Maymar Affectees.

 An amount of Rs. 69.266 million was handed over to representative of the office of Chief Secretary, Government of Sindh. The recoveries were made through Plea Bargain under NAO 1999 from the corrupt elements in favor of different departments of Govt. of Sindh.

 Another cheque of Rs. 134.339 million was handed over to representative of Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). This recovery includes a recent investigation conducted by NAB Karachi in which five accused persons admitted their guilt of clearing miscellaneous goods under the garb of iron/steel re-meltable scrap in connivance with Officers/Officials of Customs department. Subsequently, all 5 accused persons entered into PB and returned the ill-gotten money to Govt Exchequer.

Another cheque of Rs. 3.248 million was handed over to representative of CEO, Pakistan Steel Mills. The recovery was affected in Reference No. 21/2012 which was filed by NAB Karachi against Ex-Chairman, other officers/ officials of Pakistan Steel Mills and three contractors. The case was regarding illegal award of 19 canteen services during year 2008-09. One of the contractors opted for Plea Bargain. Other two contractors are facing trail along with other accused persons in Accountability Court, Karachi.

 Another cheque of Rs. 0.296 million was handed over to an affectee of PHA Maymar Housing Services. A complaint was received from Ministry of Housing against Maymar Housing Services Ltd on the allegations of cheating public at large by not completing the construction of flats within time. The case after due process of inquiry was concluded through recovery of ill-gotten money from Chairman Maymar Housing Services Ltd for an amount of Rs. 37.2 million of 62 affectees and handing over of 182 Flats to those who paid full amount.

Dr. Najaf Quli Mirza said that NAB is committed to recover looted money from corrupt elements and to return affectees. He reaffirmed NAB’s commitment against corruption and corrupt practices and said that NAB Karachi is performing its responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm, commitment, dedication with professionalism for corruption free Pakistan.

Chairman NAB has appreciated the performance of NAB Karachi for return of money.