Rishi Kapoor's film "Mulk" banned in Pakistan, Director pens down letter to Pakistanis

Rishi Kapoor's film

LAHORE: Rishi Kapoor’s upcoming film Mulk’s trailer has been banned in Pakistan.

No distributor is likely to import and present it to Central Board for Film Censors for clearance.

“Members of Central Board for film censors did not approve the trailer of Mulk as its content flout the Censorship of Film Code, 1980.”

The film, however, has yet to be imported and presented for censors.

Director Anubhav Sinha took to twitter to write an open letter to Pakistani audience after hearing about his film's ban.

He wrote: “Dear Citizens of Pakistan, I say dear citizens of Pakistan at the risk of being called an anti-national by some losers back home. I don't care.”

He continued, “I remember the day the trailer came out many in India and also many in Pakistan wrote against it. Some in India thought it was pro Muslim and some in Pakistan thought it stereotyped Muslims. Contradictory but true. I kept insisting the film was about LOVE. Love amongst Hindus and Muslims. Now the word is out. The press has seen it and the audience in the UAE too has seen it.”

“It is not pro Muslim or Anti Muslim. Pro Pakistan or Anti Pakistan. It is about love that all of us as individuals should have, amongst us. It is about You. It is about Me. You have Hindus as a minority in your country and we have Muslims as a minority in ours. We all must work towards coexisting in peace and harmony,” Anubhav said.