The traitor of yesterday, patriot of today

The traitor of yesterday, patriot of today

MNA Ali Wazir link who was alleged as the traitor by the state institutions was called hurriedly to vote against the government in no confidence vote.

His production orders were issued on Saturday, talked to media on Sunday outside the Parliament House, saying he did not expect his release link from the new government [that is to be formed after possible success of no-confidence motion against the prime minister].

“Whether it is the government or the opposition, neither of them has the clear manifesto or strategy for the future,” he stated and expressed his fear that the region was heading towards a chaos.

It is to be noted here that MNA Ali Wazir link was elected from the NA-50 constituency in South Waziristan tribal district as an independent candidate.

He has been languishing in Karachi central prison since Dec 31, 2020 after he was arrested in connection with two sedition cases registered in the metropolis.