Imran Khan became top trend on Twitter in Turkey

Imran Khan became top trend on Twitter in Turkey

ISLAMABAD –Prime Minister Imran Khan became the top trend in Turkey after he dissolved the National Assembly of Pakistan as a result of the no confidence motion. Turks further wrote that United States was behind the no confidence move to topple his government.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan was de-notified as prime minister of Pakistan after dissolution of the National Assembly on Sunday.

However, according to a statement issued by the Cabinet Division, Khan can continue as prime minister for 15 days, until appointment of a caretaker prime minister, under Article 224 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

The prime minister and Leader of Opposition in National Assembly are the people who appoint a caretaker prime minister, but both these people are not in office since the National Assembly has already been dissolved.

The notification issued by the Cabinet Division says, “Consequent upon dissolution of the National Assembly by the president of Pakistan, in terms of Article 58(1) read with Article 48(1) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, vide Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs’ SRO No. 487(1)/2022, dated 3rd April, 2022, Mr Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi ceased to hold the Office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, with immediate effect.”

The de-notification of Khan comes hours after National Assembly ex-deputy speaker Qasim Suri dismissed the no-confidence motion against the prime minister and termed it "unconstitutional", saying it was backed by "foreign powers".