PPP made demands to ECP

PPP made demands to ECP

Karachi: The Pakistan People's Party has demanded that the Election Commission issue an immediate schedule for general elections because the economic situation is urgently calling for elections.

Senior PPP leader Naser Hussain Shah stated in his statement that a negative propaganda campaign is being run under a conspiracy against former PPP ministers, and whenever elections come, opponents use such tactics.

Naser Hussain Shah said that the opponents know that no matter how many alliances they form, the PPP will win in the elections. The Election Commission has understood our position and decided to complete the delimitation one month ago.

They said that the Election Commission should announce the schedule for general elections immediately as the country's economic situation demands it, so that the economy can be stabilized.

They also said that our leadership has political and economic solutions to the crisis, and with our political and economic solutions, the restlessness among the public will be eliminated.

Naser Hussain Shah said that he has met with former President Asif Ali Zardari in Dubai, and they have been instructed to expedite preparations for the elections. Workers should be prepared, and the campaign will start very soon.