Did first lady Bushra Imran and Khawer Maneka divorce amicably?

Did first lady Bushra Imran and Khawer Maneka divorce amicably?

ISLAMABAD - Prominent journalist Sohail Warraich, in an article has revealed that an intense tug of war and acrimony persisted between Khawer Maneka and Bushra Imran.

He has rejected the common perception that the divorce between the two took place in an amicable manner.

Sohail Waraich says the differences of personalities led to the divorce between the two despite their efforts to keep the union intact. All the arrangements and interventions from close friends to save the relationship also failed.

The mistrust between the parents of five children continued to deepen even after Bushra Mankeka tied the knot with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan.

In the run up to the July 25 elections one of Maneka's borther, a canidate of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, openly expressed his resentment of their former sister in law.

In the first incident that took place on August 5, Sohail Waraich writes that Mubashira Maneka and Ibrahim Maneka, children of Farid Maneka and Bushra, were intercepted by the police. A heated argument ensued between police and Ibrahim who contacted his father by mobile phone. Maneka rushed to the spot and took his children away.

According to an inquiry report prepared by the Punjab Police, Ibrahim said in his statement that the incident took place when he along with his sister was walking to the shrine of Baba Faird.

After the incident Khawar Farid conveyed to his ex wife that the police had acted at her behest.