Pakistan government forms a new task force of law enforcement and intelligence agencies

Pakistan government forms a new task force of law enforcement and intelligence agencies

Following the apex committee meeting, Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti addressed a press conference where he announced measures aimed at enforcing directives effectively. To ensure the successful implementation of these directives, the Ministry of Interior has assembled a task force consisting of law enforcement and intelligence personnel.

The primary objective of this task force is to identify and seize properties that have been acquired through fraudulent means, particularly involving fake identity cards. Additionally, the task force will carry out DNA tests to confirm individuals' identities, bolstering the fight against illegal activities.

Minister Bugti also emphasized the importance of citizen involvement in this endeavor. He introduced a web portal and a dedicated helpline where information about unlawfully residing foreign individuals in Pakistan can be reported. To incentivize citizens to collaborate with the government, rewards will be offered, and the identities of informants will be kept confidential. This move aims to encourage greater public participation in maintaining law and order.

Bugti went on to highlight the ongoing crackdown on various illegal activities, such as hoarding, smuggling, hawala/hundi transactions, and electricity theft. He stressed that there would be no leniency towards individuals engaged in these crimes. To enhance enforcement, joint checkposts have been established, equipped with advanced technological tools to combat the smuggling of essential commodities. This measure is expected to reduce corruption related to smuggling within government agencies.

In the battle against drug trafficking, Minister Bugti announced the establishment of a National Counter-Narcotics Control Centre. This center will serve as a hub for coordinating efforts to curb drug trafficking and provide crucial intelligence information. Furthermore, Bugti revealed plans to set up drug rehabilitation centers in every province in a phased manner, underlining the government's commitment to addressing the issue of drug addiction and its associated challenges.

In conclusion, the caretaker interior minister outlined a comprehensive strategy to tackle a range of issues, from fraudulent property acquisition to illegal activities and drug trafficking. These measures not only involve law enforcement agencies but also encourage active citizen participation, indicating a collaborative approach towards maintaining law and order in Pakistan.