Madrassah reforms: PM Imran Khan takes important decisions

Madrassah reforms: PM Imran Khan takes important decisions

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday held an important meeting over uniform education system and madrassah reforms .

He said there should be uniformity in the basic educational system and the curriculum for the entire country including the madrassah.

Imran Khan while talking to a delegation of religious scholars at the Prime Minister’s Office stressed the need for reforms in the education system.

He observed that functioning of three different educational systems in the country were the reasons for creating division in the nation.

The prime minister said improvement in the educational system and the educational curriculum was the priority of the PTI government.

The main objective behind educational reforms was to end the discrimination and help the students of religious seminaries to rise in different spheres of life, he added.

Imran Khan noted that it was injustice to ignore contributions of religious seminaries and associate them with terrorism. He also assured to resolve all the issues of seminaries in complete consultations with all stakeholders.

The prime minister on the occasion formed a committee to address the grievances of religious seminaries. He also directed the interior and education ministeries to coordinate with the seminaries.

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