Respect to people mandate inevitable for progress: Sanaullah Zehri

Respect to people mandate inevitable for progress: Sanaullah Zehri

ISLAMABAD: Chief Minister Balochistan Sardar Sanaullah Zehri Tuesday said respect for peoples mandate is indispensible for progress of any country.


"Only those nations prospered who respected mandate of people and all those countries where peoples mandate was trampled down, progress remained a far cry," he said addressing the meeting of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz General Council held here to elect Nawaz Sharif unopposed as party President.



"The conspiracies for minus one and minus two should come to an end now because this right rests with the people of Pakistan who are the real power of the country," he added.


He said the country is still victim of conspiracies threatening its integrity and it is high time that everybody should be cognizant of this fact. "Hazrat Ali (AS) had stated that a nation can survive with a system of infidelity but cannot survive with a system of injustice."


He reiterated to stay tall against any system of subjugation and vowed to continue struggle for rights of people, supremacy of the constitution and the parliament.


Zehri spoke highly of Nawaz Sharif eulogizing his struggle to uphold the Constitution and principled politics. "Today you (Nawaz Sharif) got elected as President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz; tomorrow you will be elected as Prime Minister."


He also appreciated Pakistani people for a principled politics and daring the dictatorial regimes and rendering sacrifices for restoration of democracy.


"Some ignorants are stating that amendment has been made for one person. I want to tell them that leader is always the one person who represents people and Nawaz Sharif is the most popular leader of Pakistan," he added.


The Chief Minister said, Nawaz Sharif is not one person. He is leader of 200 million Pakistanis and amendment has been brought for 200 million Pakistanis.