Emergency declared in Karachi hospitals

Emergency declared in Karachi hospitals

KARACHI - Karachi is experiencing an intense heatwave in the city, as temperatures hit 43 degree Celsius. Authorities mention that the absence of sea breezes have contributed to the rise in temperatures as well.

The Sindh Government and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) have issued a “heat wave alert” citywide. All KMC hospitals, ambulance services are preparing themselves for patients who experience heat stroke in the days ahead.

To make matters worse, scheduled loadshedding from Karachi Electric (KE) will add to the woes of the citizens.

Based on the Met department’s forecasts, Karachi started experiencing a heatwave since Thursday morning. After 12 pm, the heatwave reached its peak at 43 degree centigrade. To complicate matters further, the winds from the sea stopped, and dry and gusty winds started to surround the city.

Seemi Jamali from Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center told ProPakistani that in the current weather, people should not go out of office or home, and drink water whenever they can.

“People must adopt certain safety measures in order to avoid heat stroke. In case you start feeling hot and uncomfortable, you can take fruit juice, or cold water to stay hydrated. If you venture outside of your home or office, you must cover yourself from head to toe in order to avoid the intense heat,” Seemi added.