India sends back 50 Pakistani students after threats from extremists Shiv Sena


LAHORE: 50 Pakistani students, along with their teachers, on an exchange program to India were sent back to Lahore on Tuesday after they received threats from extremist organisations.

According to Indian media reports, the students who reached India on May 1, were sent back home only within a day, after threats were made to the host NGO for inviting the students.

Reportedly, the NGO has been advised by Indian government officials that the time is unfavourable for the exchange program.

Indian media claimed that the students were threatened by Shiv Sena, after ties between the two countries deteriorated.

India has accused Pakistan of killing and mutilating the bodies of two Indian soldiers across the Line of Control.

The students were a part of the cultural exchange program and on a five-day visit to India. The students after the intimidation from extremists were terrified and remained inside their rooms.

They reached Wagah border safely today.

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