MQM demands PM Nawaz resignation over Panama issue

MQM demands PM Nawaz resignation over Panama issue

KARACHI: MQM Rabita Committee has demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resignation over the issue of Panama leaks till the completion of investigation process.

As per details, MQM Rabita Committee Pakistan and London emergency meeting was held here at Tuesday night under the chairmanship of Nadeem Nusrat in Khurshid Begum Trust through a video link.

The participants of the meeting said that the issue of Panama leaks is not only creating a political crisis but also divided the entire nation on the issue.

Rabita Committee meeting further stated that whenever the name of any government officials or high rank officer comes in any corruption scandal whether he is write or wrong, he should resign voluntarily and offer himself for accountability and should wait till the completion of accountability process.

PM Nawaz is being criticized by opponents over the issue of Panama leaks and country is suffering from crisis situation so PM Nawaz should resign from his post to face the process of accountability.

It was the good decision of PM Nawaz to set up an inquiry commission to probe into allegations of Panama leaks but opponents would raise questions over the impartiality and transparency of investigation if PM Nawaz remain on his post so PM should resign until the completion of the Panama Leaks investigations.