(VIDEO): PSL 6 Foreign players take up Shalwar Challenge

(VIDEO): PSL 6 Foreign players take up Shalwar Challenge

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2021 is on its way with many other exciting events including highs and lows, fours, sixes, fast bowling and incredible catches and various challenges have been put in place to boost the interest.

While the players participating in the PSL are challenged to become champions by showing their best performance for the teams, the ‘Shalwar Challenge’ has also been set up to acquaint them with the culture of Pakistan.

In the match between traditional rivals like Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings, David Wiese from South Africa, who led the Qalandars to victory by batting aggressively in the final over, was given a bigger challenge.

David Wiese completed the Karachi Kings ‘bowlers’ challenge by scoring 31 off 9 balls, but the shalwar challenge would have taken him longer, which was easier than hitting sixes on dangerous balls.

This challenge, which seems easy to Pakistanis, is understandable for those who have ever seen him wearing a shalwar, and David Wiese would never have thought that he could be caught in such a challenge in Pakistan.

This challenge proved to be very difficult for David Wiese and he initially failed to understand how to tie the shalwar at the waist and how to arrange the waistband.

The famous all-rounder tried his best to wear shalwar without waistband but in which he had to face failure he failed but the good thing was that he did not give up on the challenge like a sportsman.

It took David Wiese two minutes and 18 seconds to wear the shalwar in an unconventional way, but he went to great lengths and completed his challenge and discovered a ‘new way’ to wear the shalwar.

In the video released by PSL, you can also see what difficulties David Wiese faced.

Later, Lahore Qalandars captain Sohail Akhtar taught them how to fasten the belt and explained how easy it is.

Earlier Quetta Gladiators’ West Indian star Chris Gayle also accepted the ‘Shalwar Challenge’.