What is the link of age with height: Study

What is the link of age with height: Study

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Researchers have started to believe that people with short height live longer.

On the other hand, tall people pass away at an early age.

This is exactly the reason why a Guinness World Record Owner and Basketball player with height of seven feet and seven inches tall died at a ripe age of 36.

Scientists suggest that extraordinary growth in the tall people results in their premature death, the telegraph reported.

Conversely, Japanese people living in Okinawa Island have a life expectancy rate of 78 years old in men. These people have an average height of just five foot.

The exceptional height in tall people called gigantism is caused by brain's pituitary gland, resulting in quick production of hormones and puberty process.

This same gland can develop tumors and heart failure in tall-heighted people.

They may also suffer from diabetes mellitus due to lack of insulin production.

However, another study infers that regular exercise and eating healthy meals effects age rather than height.