Freedom slogans chanted in top Indian Universities

Freedom slogans chanted in top Indian Universities

Students in the universities of New Delhi and Kolkata have been openly chanting freedom slogans, making the Indian government panic yet again and blaming it all on Pakistan.

Talking to Indian news channel India Today, Information Minister of India Venkaiah Naidu said that the people raising the slogans were celebrating Afzal Guru, ‘a terrorist and a Pakistani agent’, who tried to blow Indian parliament up. “That is the main issue. The concept of terrorism in Kashmir is that they can get ‘azadi’ (freedom) by use of force only. The slogan of ‘azadi’ will be followed by violence”, he said.

One Indian soldier was seen saying that it didn’t hurt him to see people chanting slogans in favour of Afzal Guru but the fact that hundreds of thousands of people stood behind these people. 

The video is certainly proving that the situation in India is tense and these are not just sentiments of Pakistani or Kashmiri people but ‘hundreds of thousands of Indian people’ were backing the people raising these slogans.

Indian media can be seen making packages on the protests spreading across the campuses of India. “What do we want? Azadi; what does Kashmir demand? Azadi” were the slogans being raised at Ramjas College.

Senior Indian journalist Gautam Naulakha said that ever since the current government has come to power in India, they have been trying to create their ideological domination at university campuses. 

“The slogans raised at JNU and DU were the same as the ones raised in Kashmir and other parts of India. These slogans are raised in accordance with their local issues. Military suppression is being used in Kashmir instead of political or democratic solution. These slogans have a significance of their own and the politics behind them must also be looked at closely”, he said.