Reham contacted me to defame Imran, claims Salman Ahmad

Reham contacted me to defame Imran, claims Salman Ahmad

ISLAMABADPakistani musician Salman Ahmad said on Saturday that Reham Khan had contacted him to seek his help on digging dirt on Imran Khan

“Reham is involved in a conspiracy to defame Imran Khan,” he said, speaking exclusively. “The book is an attempt by her to damage Khan right before the elections.”

Salman said that Reham Khan knew that he was close to Imran. He accused Reham of sending him emails and messages in an attempt to find dirt on Imran.

“Maybe she forgot how close I am to Imran and that my relationship with him spans three decades,” he said.

Salman claimed that he received similar messages from Hussain Haqqani, Reham Khan and other PML-N representatives on the same day, which seemed suspicious to him. He said that the above mentioned contacted him after Salman criticised Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain publicly.

He heaped praise on Imran Khan and said that this conspiracy was being hatched against the cricketer-turned-politician for his tough stance against corruption.

“They know that he is the only leading politician in Pakistan who is fighting corruption,” he said. “That’s why they are against him.”

Reham Khan tweeted earlier that she was receiving threats from Hamza Ali Abbasi in emails since August 2014.

The former wife of Imran Khan is about to publish a tell-all book which may contain sensational revelations about the PTI chief.