Two Kashmiri students brutally assaulted in India

Two Kashmiri students brutally assaulted in India

Srinagar: Two Kasniri students, on the way back to campus after offering Friday evening prayers, were aassaulted by a mob in Haryana's Mahenderhgarh.

“Me and my friend had gone to the mosque to offer namaz yesterday. After we came out of the mosque, we noticed some people following us. Just as we were leaving on my motorbike, a group of 15-20 people started to beat us,” said Aftab, one of the victims.

Both the victims are students in the Central University of Haryana <link> .

“No one came forward to help us. Soon after police arrived at the spot. We went to the hospital for checkup and returned to university campus. We told faculty about incident and lodged a complaint with University,” added Aftab.