Indian Army soldier blasts his General

Indian Army soldier blasts his General

NEW DELHI: An Indian soldier lambasted out at a retired General, today, over using the word mutiny for them in a TV program.

While pouring his anger on the General, the soldier has said in the video that Indian soldiers are not traitors and will not conduct any coup.

“It is because of army officers like you that the differences between the commissioned officers and soldiers keep on maximizing. You and officers of your rank should be inquired who have made the soldiers their domestic servants while calling them as their personal helper, buddy and butler.”

He said that despite all the hard work, the soldiers are not granted a day-off from duty in the hours of misery unless some else do not take charge in place of him.

Earlier, Tej Bahadur who revealed the corruption in the Indian army has went missing.

His wife Sharmeela has claimed that Tej is being subject to mental torture in BSF custody.