Three Mosques shut down in France by authorities along with several arrests

PARIS: French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Wednesday said three mosques had been shut down in France since the Paris attacks as part of a crackdown on extremist activities. The mosque in Lagny closed down by police on Wednesday. Cazeneuve told reporters it was the first time ever that mosques were closed in France "on grounds of radicalization." One of the mosques, to the east of Paris was targeted by raids early on Wednesday, with police seizing a 9mm revolver, a computer hard disc and jihadist propaganda. Cazeneuve said the mosque also had a non-authorized Koran school. One person was placed in custody following the raids, with 22 others banned from leaving France. Nine others were put under house arrest. The two other mosques, in Lyon and Gennevilliers in the Paris region, were shut down last week amid the current state of emergency. Cazeneuve said police had seized 334 weapons since the 13 November attacks in the French capital that left 130 people dead.( Daily Times Gazette)