Indian National with a fake ID arrested by FIA

Indian National with a fake ID arrested by FIA

LAHORE - An Indian National with a fake ID has been arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

FIA has apprehended an Indian resident living in Gujranwala with a fake ID. The man, identified as Panjam Tiwari, had been living in the city for over ten years.

FIA produced him before a local court on Saturday and got a 14-day physical remand. ------------------------------

Deputy Director FIA, Amir Nawaz told the media that Tiwari embraced Islam before moving to Pakistan. He said that the Indian citizen had met a Pakistani businessman Kamran in Dubai. The two became friends and became business partners there.

Tiwari then embraced Islam and moved to Gujranwala after forging fake documents and married Kamran’s sister. ------------------------------

Tiwari admitted that a human trafficker had brought him to Pakistan.

Nawaz said that Panjam was afraid of moving back to India after changing his religion.