In a new development, Six US delegations to arrive in Pakistan

In a new development, Six US delegations to arrive in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - PM Advisor on Commerce Razzaq Dawood has said that the government has urged the US businessmen to make investments in Pakistan, especially in food technology, as there were vast opportunities in this sector.

Dawood disclosed that both of the countries also agreed to summon the meeting of the Trade Investment Framework Agreement Council this year.

“We requested them to give Pakistan market access for textile and leather sector, as they are not included in the GSP offered by the US ,” he said. “The US is interested in exporting meat, cotton and soybean, besides making investments in the gas and electricity sector of Pakistan.”

He recalled that US President Donald Trump had expressed his desire to increase the volume of trade with Pakistan. “We have agreed to enhance our trade ties gradually.”

Dawood said that six US delegations would visit Pakistan in the next five months, adding that the government was optimistic in this regard.

“We have not asked for aid but we requested them to increase trade and bilateral relations with Pakistan,” he maintained.

Presently, he informed, both the countries have more than $6 billion worth bilateral trade, of which Pakistan’s export to the US was $3.8 billion whereas America’s export to Pakistan was $2.9 billion.

Replying to a question, the adviser said that the government was moving in the right direction. “I have met with the Federal Board of Revenue chairman and he has given me positive news regarding the overall business and industrial situation in the country, particularly in Faisalabad.

“We all are working under the supervision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and are all on the same page,” he concluded.

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