What is Kiki Challenge and how it started?

What is Kiki Challenge and how it started?

LONDON - Famous social media trend #Kikichallenge has entangled the internet like a tornado in the last few months. The social media apps are flooding with the videos of this latest trend and people cannot stop themselves from attempting this crazy dance challenge.

*What is the Kiki Challenge and how it started?*

Kiki challenge also known as #InMyFeelingsChallenge characteristically features people jumping outside the moving car and dancing and lip synching alongside the car to the opening lines of Drakes hit single “ In my Feelings’’ from his new album , Scorpion.


The lyrics of this latest iconic song go as follows:

“Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Said you’d never ever leave from beside me, cause I want you and I need you, and I’m down for you always”

*The origin of the Kiki Challenge*

This bizarre but interesting challenge took birth after the renowned internet comedian Shaggy, posted a video of himself on Instagram, dancing to the song. The crazy dance which only started in the name of fun has now converted into a trending internet obsession and it’s impossible to ignore it.

People are totally head over heels in love with this famous #Kikichallenge . After this challenge has massively hit the internet, celebrities and common people are taking this opportunity to post their videos of accepting the challenge .