Afghan Taliban launch massive operation against ISIS in Afghanistan along Pakistan borders: Sources

Afghan Taliban launch massive operation against ISIS in Afghanistan along Pakistan borders: Sources

KABUL - After eliminating Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K) or Daesh’s command and control centre in Jowzjan province, the Afghan Taliban have decided to launch massive offensive against the dreaded group in eastern Nangahar province which is considered a strong base of IS-K in Afghanistan.

Taliban were able to seize the IS-K controlled areas and destroy their command and control centre in the Sardara area of restive Darzab district in Jowzjan province following 24 days of intense fighting.

The IS-K commander for northern Afghanistan, Maulvi Habibur Rahman Rehbar, his deputy, commanders and nearly 250 fighters including foreign militants surrendered to government forces after suffering defeat by the hands of Taliban in Jowzjan.

A Taliban official who wished not to be named told Afghan Islamic Press that the Taliban are planning to launch offensives in areas of Nangharhar province where the Daesh has strong bases and command and control centre.

He said the Taliban have been monitoring the operations of Daesh from the very first day but their attacks increased recently, especially against civilians.

“The crimes and brutalities of this group have reached to its peak. They are targeting public places, schools, education institutions, places of worship of minorities and the nation. The Islamic Emirate has decided to take serious steps against this group,” the Taliban officials said.

He continued that the Taliban have made full preparations and trained and armed fighters have reached Nangarhar from Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan and other provinces, adding 1200 Taliban fighters would took part in the decisive action against Daesh.

Replay to a question that Taliban had also conducted operation against Daesh in Nangarhar in the past but failed to eliminate their centres, the Taliban official said “The Islamic Emirate’s mujahideen are equipped with all kind of heavy, light and laser weapons and well aware of the war tactics used during clashes with Daesh in Jowzjan. They have enough war experience. Car bomb and fidayee attacks would also be conducted when needed. We would not allow the Afghan nation could be sacrificed for outsiders’ projects and suppressed.”

Another source divulged to AIP that Taliban shadow commander for Nangarhar, Mullah Nasrullah, among numerous Taliban leaders are based in Nangarhar and engaged in planning and consultations to launch offensive against Daesh.

The source, however, said the date and time of launching the operation has not yet been decided.

It is worth mentioning here that the Taliban have ordered closing mobile phone network in the remote districts of Nangahar province from afternoon to morning so that they might not be targeted.

Before Jowzjan, the Taliban also conducted operations against Daesh in Laghman and also engaged in fighting against the group in Kunar province.

The might be sent packing from Afghanistan, the Taliban were able to defeat them in Nangarhar province.