Rift widens further between the top SC Judges

Rift widens further between the top SC Judges

Senior Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court (SC) Justice Qazi Faez Isa Monday advised Registrar of the apex court Ishrat Ali to relinquish the office as he does not have the requisite competence, ability and understanding to hold this position.

Justice Isa wrote a letter to the SC Registrar and also advised him to withdraw the Circular issued by him on March 31 as he violated the constitution of Pakistan and the order of the court dated March 29, 2023.

Justice Isa also advised the Secretary Cabinet Division and Secretary Establishment Division through the Attorney General for Pakistan to recall your officer Ishrat Ali to prevent him from further damaging the reputation and integrity of the SC.

The SC justice also said to the secretaries to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Registrar Ishrat Ali in accordance with the applicable laws as he has apparently violated the court orders passed in Suo Motu Case No 4 of 2022.

In the letter, Justice Isa addressing the SC registrar said he does not have the power or authority to undo a judicial order, and the Chief Justice cannot issue administrative directions.

Justice Isa said, “In your best interest, and that of the Supreme Court, you should withdraw the Circular immediately, and inform all those who have been sent it.