WhatsApp unveils new interesting feature for users

WhatsApp unveils new interesting feature for users

ISLAMABAD –WhatsApp has introduced new updates for its application for iPhone and Android users.

The new update by Facebook-owned company allows iPhone users to see status updates from WhatsApp widget on iPhone notification centre without opening the application.

The WhatsApp for iPhone update (v2.18.40) also enhances the voice messaging feature that will now continue to play voice messages if users switch to another application or turn screen off. Users won’t have to stick to the WhatsApp interface in order to listen to received voice messages.

The WhatsApp beta update (v2.18.97) on Android is now making it easy to notify contacts when users change their phone number. The existing *Change Number* feature is designed to allow users to migrate their account info, chats, groups and settings when they make the switch.

To get new features, users will have to go to *Settings > Account > Change number*. Once they hit the *Next* button, users can enter the old and new phone numbers to begin the migration process, tap the *Next*button again, and then enable the *Notify my contacts* option. This brings options, namely *All Contacts*, *Contacts I have chats with*, and *Custom*.