Afghanistan to join Russian summit

Afghanistan to join Russian summit

KABUL: In response to growing rumours that Kabul will not participate in the Moscow summit on Afghanistan which will take place in mid-April, the Presidential Palace on Sunday confirmed Kabul presence in the gathering.

Presidential spokesperson Shah Hussain Murtazawai while speaking in a presser in Kabul warned that no one can hold any meeting on Afghanistan without the country’s participation. “We are sending a delegation to the summit.

“The delegation will be one of our foreign ministry officials. We insist no country can hold any conference on Afghanistan without our official attendance,” Murtazawi further added. The spokesperson pointed the shared need for counter terrorism missions across Afghanistan.

The Afghan government denied reports stating the NUG doesn’t have any sympathy with migrants in European countries and call them bias.

“Afghan government has a clear migrant policy. We welcome the voluntarily return of the migrants. But we have never singed any agreement to deport them forcibly,” Murtazawi said.

Throughout 2015, due to the growing insecurity in Afghanistan, a shocking number of 200,000 Afghans, mostly youths, made their way to Europe in search of a better life, said sources.