Indian NIA Inspector investigating Pathan kot Attack murdered

NEW DELHI: Indian National Investigation Agency ( NIA) Inspector Muhammad Tanzeel investigating Pathankot Attack murdered in western Utter Pardesh.


As per the initial reports NIA Inspector Muhammad Tanzeel was investigating the Pathankot Air Base Attacks.


Inspector Tanzeel was moving with his family when two unknown assailants riding a motor bike opened fire on him.


Reportedly Inspector Muhammad Tanzeel was fired 21 bullets and could not sustain the fatal injures. His wife got four bullet injures and is still in critical condition; as quoted by Indian Media.


NIA Inspector Muhammad Tanzeel was considered as a professional Muslim officer in Indian National Investigation Agency and was entrusted with the investigations of the Pathan Kot Air Base based upon his professional capabilities.


It is pertinent to mention here that earlier the officers investigating the high profile cases of Malay Village bombing and Samjhota Express incidence have also been killed by unknown assailants whose identity could never be asserted by the Indian Agencies or the Indian Police.


Himmat Kurkere was one such officer who was the investigator of the deadly Samjhota Express episode in which at least 37 Pakistanis also lost their lives.


Kurkere had made stunning revelations about the investigations of the Samjhota Express case and hinted it to the insider job by the Hindu extremists with backing of the political and religious elite of India.


Similarly the brutal murder of Inspector Muhammad Tanzeel investigating Pathankot Kot Attacks in India raises serious questions which would have to be answered by the Indian authorities.


Already there are serious reservations about the Pathankot Attack in India which killed at least 7 Indian security officials of Indian Armed Forces.


India had blamed Pakistan based Jaish e Muhammad group led by Masood Azhar to be the master mind of the Pathan Kot Attacks, the allegation which Pakistan has categorically denied and offered cooperation in this regard.


An FIR was also registered in Gujranwala, Punjab area of Pakistan and Pakistani JIT has recently visited Indian Pathankot Base to probe the allegations.


Lately the JIT has also submitted it's report to Prime Minister of Pakistan in which all allegations against Pakistan have been denied as could not be proved by the Investigations.


The murder of Inspector Muhammad Tanzeel has raised serious questions about the Pathankot Air Base Attacks.


Was it an insider job once again ??