Bollywood actress send loving message to Pakistan’s pacer Naseem Shah

Bollywood actress send loving message to Pakistan’s pacer Naseem Shah

As cricket enthusiasts anxiously awaited the start of an electrifying match, all eyes were unexpectedly drawn to Bollywood actor Urvashi Rautela's Instagram story, which once again placed her under the spotlight.

Rautela, known for occasionally making headlines due to her subtle interest in Pakistani star bowler Naseem Shah, created a stir with her latest social media update just moments before the match kicked off. In this Instagram story, she shared a snapshot from her workout session.

However, the eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed Shah's presence in the screenshot, igniting a flurry of playful trolling directed at Rautela.

This isn't the first instance where the paths of Urvashi Rautela and Naseem Shah have crossed in the public eye. In a prior episode, Rautela had posted a fan-made video featuring Shah on her Instagram account, sparking fervent dating rumours during the T20 World Cup. However, when the inquisitive media approached the Pakistani cricketer with these speculations, he promptly dispelled them, asserting that he had no knowledge of Rautela.

"I don't know who Urvashi Rautela is. I only focus on my match. People usually send me videos, but I have no idea. I have nothing special in me but I thank people who come to watch cricket and give a lot of respect," Shah had candidly shared.

The Indian actor, for her part, clarified her intentions behind sharing the video, emphasizing that it was all in good fun. "A couple of days back, my team shared all fan-made cute edits (around 11-12) without any knowledge of other people involved in it. Would kindly request the media not to create any sort of news. Thanking you all, love you," she gracefully stated.

While the media and fans continue to speculate and playfully banter, it's evident that both Rautela and Shah remain committed to their respective careers and passions, with no romantic connection between them.