Watch out: You may need to re-verify your mobile SIM cards

Watch out: You may need to re-verify your mobile SIM cards

In Peshawar, senior officials have announced the implementation of the Multi-Finger Verification System to re-verify mobile SIM cards throughout Pakistan, including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

This decision was made during a meeting in Peshawar, chaired by the Chief Minister of KP, to discuss the current state of peace and security in the province. The meeting included high-ranking military and civil officials.

According to a document shared during the meeting, authorities have already blocked 80,624 mobile SIM cards in the province, and over 4 million inactive SIM cards have been blocked nationwide.

Additionally, action has been taken against 8,629 retailers and 95 franchises for possessing unauthorized SIM cards. The official document also reports the dismissal of 24 employees from private mobile companies, with 5 of them being arrested.

Furthermore, the document states that Pakistani SIM cards will no longer work on roaming in Afghanistan and other foreign countries. Moreover, a new restriction limits the activation of only one SIM card per passport.