Nipah Virus: Pakistan may hit with deadly virus from India having 74% death rate

Nipah Virus: Pakistan may hit with deadly virus from India having 74% death rate

Lahore: A new threat of a dangerous virus, possibly transmitted from rats and pigs to humans, is emerging in Punjab, including Lahore. The Punjab Health Department has issued a high alert to all district health authorities regarding the potential risks and spread of the Nipah virus.

According to the Health Department's communication, Nipah has been classified as a dangerous virus, with a reported mortality rate of 74% among affected individuals. The Nipah virus is rapidly spreading in neighboring countries, and there is concern that it could also be transmitted in Pakistan.

The communication states that immediate precautionary measures should be implemented across all districts of Punjab. Data of all suspected Nipah patients should be uploaded promptly to the dashboard. Guidelines for dealing with this virus should be provided in both private and government hospitals.

According to the communication, patients should be isolated based on care and suspicion. Timely and confirmed diagnosis should be ensured, with samples sent to the PCR laboratory. This virus can spread quickly from animals to humans and from one person to another.

According to the communication, there is no vaccine for this dangerous virus, so timely diagnosis and treatment are the only means of prevention. Initial research suggests that the virus was found in various animals, including rats and pigs, and was transmitted to humans. It can also be transmitted from one person to another.

As per the Health Department's communication, eating fruits from trees infested with bats and then consuming those fruits later can lead to transmission, so all citizens are advised to wash fruits thoroughly.