Doctor jailed for sexually assualting a nurse inside a private hospital

Doctor jailed for sexually assualting a nurse inside a private hospital

In a recent legal development in Saudi Arabia, a doctor has been handed a significant five-year prison sentence, accompanied by a media exposure order, following his conviction for the harassment of a nurse.

This case revolves around a Syrian doctor who was found guilty of sexually harassing a Filipino nurse and subsequently defaming her through media channels. The unsettling episode commenced when a Filipino nurse, employed at a private hospital in Saudi Arabia, courageously lodged a formal complaint against the Syrian doctor due to his persistent and inappropriate flirting.

Upon receiving the nurse's complaint, the hospital management took swift action by escalating the matter to the Public Prosecution. Subsequently, an exhaustive investigation was undertaken by the Public Prosecution, which laid bare the extent of the doctor's harassment towards the nurse. The gathered evidence was compelling, leading to the immediate arrest of the doctor and the initiation of legal proceedings against him.

The legal saga continued as the case made its way to the criminal court, where the doctor initially received a one-year prison sentence for his actions. However, this sentence was later amplified to a five-year term by the Court of Appeal.

This decision underscores the gravity of the offense and serves as a reminder of the commitment to justice in addressing instances of harassment in Saudi Arabia's healthcare sector.