A New NRO formula presented in Pakistan for political stability

A New NRO formula presented in Pakistan for political stability

Muhammad Ali Durrani, a former federal minister, unveiled a blueprint for fostering reconciliation among political parties and institutions in the nation. In an exclusive conversation with ARY News, Durrani stressed that to achieve reconciliation, it is imperative to conduct local body elections concurrently with the general elections. He firmly believed that this simultaneous approach would serve as a deterrent against electoral "rigging."

Expressing his perspective on the Election Commission of Pakistan's (ECP) reluctance to consider the proposal for synchronizing local government (LG) and general elections, Durrani argued that such a convergence could be realized through the enactment of an ordinance.

He asserted that many leaders within the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) were opposed to confrontational politics, emphasizing that the party's chairman and former prime minister shared a common desire to avoid confrontation.

Durrani contended that the era of confrontational politics was no longer favored by anyone in the country. Instead, there was a widespread aspiration for peace and harmony in Pakistan, seen as essential for the nation's prosperity. He underlined the notion that no individual or group would gain an advantage by excluding others from the equation, emphasizing the need for inclusivity.

In response to a question, the seasoned politician disclosed that he had "advised" Nawaz Sharif against adopting a confrontational narrative, expressing gratitude that Sharif had accepted his counsel. This step was seen as a potential catalyst for further dialogue and reconciliation in the political landscape of Pakistan.