New developments reported over Diamer Bhasha Dam project

New developments reported over Diamer Bhasha Dam project

The government has acquired nearly 32,139 acres of land, out of the total 37,419 acres required for the construction of the Diamer-Bhasha dam, it emerged on Friday.

*APP*, citing sources, reported that almost 86% of the land for the mega project has been acquired so far.

According to the publication, construction work on resettlement of the model village at Harpan Das was in progress, and almost 95% of the work is complete.

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The construction of Right Bank Periphery Road (RBPR) is in progress, sources told the publication.

The contracts for RBPR-01 and 02 have also been awarded, with 86.5% and 40% work, respectively completed on the projects.

The procurement of contractors for RBPR-03 and 04 is in progress, while the 3.6 megawatts Thor Hydropower Project has been operational from June 26, 2019, and electricity is being supplied to locals as a goodwill gesture till the commencement of work on the main dam.

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Meanwhile, the 3MW Thak Powerhouse was under construction with 94% progress made on the project so far.

The government had spent Rs107.19 billion against land acquisition and resettlement from 2009-10 up to June 30, 2020, whereas Rs3.365bn had been spent by WAPDA as bridge financing.

It is pertinent to mention, that the Diamer-Bhasha dam will provide water for agriculture, mitigating floods, and low-cost hydel electricity for economic development in the country.