Remote control bomb blast in Swat

Remote control bomb blast in Swat

SWAT : A man was killed and two others injured in a remote-controlled blast in Swat valley on Monday, said Police.

The law enforcement personnel informed that the blast targeted an Amn Council member Ahmed Zeb in the Ghat area of Malam Jabba. Zeb was targeted when he was in his car with his father and two other people on route to Mingora from his home.

Zeb's father was killed and the two others were seriously wounded from the attack, local police officials said. The injured were immediately shifted to a nearby hospital, and the area was cordoned off by security forces to begin a search operation in the area.

Separately, two people, including a woman were killed when armed men opened fire on a car in Nokhara area of Swat . Police claim that the incident occurred due to a family dispute.

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