We don't have Brotherly relations with Pakistan: Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani


KABUL: On September 28, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani gave an interview to British Broadcasting Corporation BBC. He talked at length about terrorism in region and security scenario in Afghanistan.

Ashraf Ghani termed relations with Pakistan as between two states and denied perception of being brotherly states. For the last few months Afghanistan President has been critical of Pakistan role in Afghanistan peace process. The stalled peace process of Afghan Government with The Afghan Talibans has worsened the situation in Afghanistan and between Pakistan and Afghanistan as both sides are blaming each other for not being sincere to the much desired and needed peace process.

Afghanistan has been constantly blaming Pakistan of being supportive to Afghan Talibans and especially the Haqqani Network. Pakistan has given lots of assurances both from Military and Civilian authorities but still the mistrust has widened between the two neighboring Islamic states.

The Talibans offence has intensified in Afghanistan and with every passing day their advances are increasing with the latest siege of Kunduz in the Northern Afghanistan.