The way China tackled poverty and corruption a role model for us: PM

The way China tackled poverty and corruption a role model for us: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the way China tackled poverty and corruption is a role model for us.

Talking to Chinese media in Islamabad today, the Prime Minister said we can learn from China more than any other country and Chinese experiences will help improve the issues we are facing now.

He said Pakistan is endowed with rich natural resources that have not been utilized.

Imran Khan said corruption is the biggest enemy of Pakistan and we need special skills to track the white collar crime.

The Prime Minister said poverty reduction is most important segment of our manifesto and Chinese policies to lift the people from poverty can guide us in devising indigenous policies in this area. He said Pakistan also wants to improve its exports in order to curtail the current account deficit. He said our main export is textile and Chinese help in giving value addition to our products will improve our prospects of exporting finished products in the world market.

Imran Khan said CPEC is a whole encompassing idea and we are moving to its next phases. He said investment in industrial zones as well as in the socio-economic development is very important for improving the overall economy.

Referring to agriculture, he said this industry needs to be established on modern lines. The Prime Minister said Pakistan enjoys a 700 km long coastline and our fishery industry can be improved to increase its share of seafood in the world. The Prime Minister said Pakistan is looking forward to enhance relations with all friendly countries.

He said Saudi Arabia pledged to help us in order to stabilize our economy. He said financial help from friendly countries is much better than taking loans from IMF and other multilateral financial institutions due to their stringent conditions.

The Prime Minister said a tough program has been put in place to improve governance and efforts are also underway to encourage investment friendly environment in the country. Imran Khan said Chinese development model is unique because unlike Western development models that are driven by market, the Chinese one is pushed by the government.