PM Imran Khan speaks to Chinese media

PM Imran Khan speaks to Chinese media

Prime Minister Imran Khan said, Pakistan will not need a hefty loan from international monetary fund if it succeeds getting ample support from the friendly counties. 

Speaking to Chinese media in Islamabad before embarking on a journey to Beijing, the Prime Minister said, the PTI-led government has implemented a tough reform programme to strengthen state institutions and better governance. 

He underscored the need to learn from Chinese experience to uplift economy and bring social sector reforms along with poverty alleviation and eradication of corruption.

He said, the corruption is a serious problem Pakistan is still struggling to fight with while poverty alleviation is also a main problem confronting Pakistan. 

The Prime Minister noted that the current account deficit is a serious issue on economic front. 

He said, Pakistan is struggling to increase its exports hoping that the CPEC will bring prosperity to Pakistan through generating an immense economic activity.