SMOG covers Lahore; Precautionary measures urged

SMOG covers Lahore; Precautionary measures urged

LAHORE: Lahore and it's adjoining areas have been covered by heavy Smog which has been termed dangerous by the health experts.

A dense cloud of smog engulfed the city of Lahore and adjoining areas on Wednesday.

Residents and commuters are worried due to the sudden layer of dense smog which is causing problems in respiration, visibility and has also hampered smooth flow of traffic.

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Depletion of clean air and air pollution is causing problems of respiration in the residents. Commuters have also been affected due to decreasing visibility and flow of traffic at a snail’s pace due to it.

Chief meteorologist Mohammad Riaz of Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has said that only rain would be able to decrease the dense smog in the city.

He further said that climate change and poor urban development and planning has contributed to this situation. He warned that dangerous pollutants are mixed with smog in the air.

Climate change expert Dr. Umar said that wind movement has been affected due to difference of temperature in the day and evening.

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He said that smog has been trapped in the air and it has caused a dry spell of weather in the city and adjoining areas. He also said that pollution caused by release of dangerous particles from cars and chimneys of factories has further complicated the situation.

Doctors have warned that smog may affect eyes who are directly exposed to it.

As precautionary measures, doctors have suggested that the commuters should wear masks and close their car windows while driving on the road.

Residents should not expose themselves to smog and keep windows of their houses closed.

The precautionary measures have been termed important by health experts in order to keep yourself safe from the adverse effects of Smog.