Jordan’s King offers to mediate between Pakistan, India

Jordan’s King offers to mediate between Pakistan, India

King Abdullah-II of Jordan has offered mediation to help de-escalate the current tension between Pakistan and India.

In a telephonic conversation with Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday, the Jordanian King conveyed his concern over the escalating situation between Pakistan and India.

He congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan on his statesman-like approach towards handling this difficult situation.

The Prime Minister briefed King Abdullah-II about his initiatives to maintain peace between Pakistan and India for the sake of the peoples of the two countries and the region. 

He reiterated that the core issue between the two countries remains the issue of Kashmir that needs to be resolved as per the UN resolutions.

The Prime Minister said his government's agenda is to promote peace and prosperity for the people of Pakistan through poverty alleviation and social welfare programs. However, the war hysteria unleashed in India is threatening peace of the region.

The Prime Minister thanked the Jordanian King for his offer of mediation.  He also invited King Abdullah II to visit Pakistan at his earliest convenience.