Different section of society in India appeal to de-escalate tension

Different section of society in India appeal to de-escalate tension

NEW DELHI: People belonging to different sections of society in India have appealed to the governments of India and Pakistan to refrain from hostilities and resolve their differences peacefully within the framework of international law and human rights regulations.

According to the Indian daily 'The Hindu', an appeal to  de-escalate the tension has been made by more than six hundred Indians including students, teachers, economists, journalists, lawyers, industrialists, writers, actors, choreographers, photographers, physicists, homemakers, retired bureaucrats, diplomats and judges.

Voicing concern over the recent escalation in tensions, they said India's response to Pulwama incident must be in consonance with the international law in letter and spirit.

They noted that even a limited confrontation between the two countries would resolve nothing, neither tensions nor the Kashmir dispute. On the contrary, it would aggravate tensions and delay the process of conflict resolution.

The Indians admitted that the principal victims of this conflict are the civilian residents of Kashmir, who have endured immense suffering over the years, including gross human rights violations.

In recent days, Kashmiris have also been a target of brutal attacks across the country. If the conflict intensifies, this hostility is likely to be extended to other minorities and dissidents.