Why ex President Asif Zardari is in Islamabad

Why ex President Asif Zardari is in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The presence of Ex President Asif Zardari in Islamabad has stunned all.

Speculations are being made about his Islamabad surprise visit.

The former President and Co-chairman Pakistan Peoples Party met party leaders in Islamabad in order to discuss the matters associated with upcoming All Parties Conference (APC).

Asif Zardari met the former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and party leader Akhundzada Chittan in separate meetings.

The former president discussed the matters regards to the upcoming All Parties Conference being summoned by Pakistan Peoples Party over the matter of extension in military courts.

At the occasion, a prominent political figure from Sahiwal Rana Amir Shahzad also met Asif Zardari and announced his inclusion in PPP.