GPKSC fear of discrimination against permanent residents of the disputed IOJK

GPKSC fear of discrimination against permanent residents of the disputed IOJK

ISLAMABAD-MIRPUR (Kashmiris rights outfit and a think-tank – the Global Pakistan Kashmir Supreme Council International (GPKSC),  while categorically rejecting India’s nefarious move of imposing the new domicile rules unlawfully,immorally and forcibly in the internationally-acknowledged dispute Indian held Jammu Kashmir state, feared that it would lead to systematic and blatant discrimination against the permanent residents of the ancient Muslim-majority disputed occupied Jammu and Kashmir state causing strangulation of the employment avenues of the local youth.

Addressing weekly ‘Focus on Kashmir’ emergent meeting of the organization at its head office in London on Thursday, Chairman of the GPKSC Raja Sikander Khan and President Kala Khan expressed deep concern over brewing anxiety in the youth of the Indian – held Jammu Kashmir state over the forcibly imposed “new domicile rules’’ in the globally-recognized Indian held state of Jammu & Kashmir by the sitting fascist and hardliner PM Modi-led Indian government.

“Domicile law is being rammed down throats of the people of Jammu & Kashmir inhibiting either side of the line of control and rest of the world  over following the forced imposition of the so called law in the disputed state denying all international norms and commitments including the UN resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir issue”, the GPKSC leaders underlined, says a message reaching and released to the media here on Thursday.

“The occupied Jammu & Kashmir people are skeptical about what is being promised to them, needless to say why”, the two kashmiri leaders said quoting latest reports reaching from the strife-torn Indian held valley.

“The misgivings the people of IOJ&K had, have come to forth. The sophistry emanating from New Delhi and their puppet Government in the disputed occupied state,  side has long ceased to lead people to believe them because of being lied to profusely.”, they observed.

Raja Sikandar Khan  said on this occasion that every single measure that was carried out on the Kashmir history’s bleak day of 5th of August last year totally against the aspirations of the people of the state and other subsequent forced measures gave a lie to the solemn commitments Indian leadership have been making to the people of the Indian Occupied Jammu Kashmir state from time to time publicly and internationally.

“The forcibly- thrusted  measures already disparage the socalled secular nature of the Indian constitution and the present dispensation at the helm of affairs is hell bent to turn constitutionally secular India into a majoritarian ethnocracy with no place for a Muslim majority politically empowered people,” Khan observed.

Ditching political probity, the ruling dispensation at New Delhi, the Kashmiri rights activist said that didn’t even heed to wait for the Indian Supreme Court  to decide on the pleas challenging the unconstitutional, unilateral and immoral decisions taken of  5th of August last year.

“There has been no let up since then, even COVID-19 crises didn’t deter the present socalled ruling dispensation in the Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir to go on with their drastic and irrational decisions,” Raja Sikander Khan added. Ends / APP / AHR.