The huge potentials of the Pakistan Gwadar Port under CPEC, reveals Chinese report

The huge potentials of the Pakistan Gwadar Port under CPEC, reveals Chinese report

As one of the pillars of CPEC, Gwadar Port link provides a series of benefits for investors and paving the way of tourism for socio-economic development in Baluchistan. The report quoting Chinese scholar Prof. Cheng Xizhong, said that continuous development of CPEC, especially the construction of Gwadar Port link, has brought new hope to Balochistan, which has been poor and backward for a long time and has also created conditions for the development of tourism and cultural industry in the province.

According to the report, Gwadar Port link great potential in sewage treatment, power generation, entrepot trade of oil and gas, storage, and development of export bonded areas. More than 30 investment companies from China have invested RMB 3 billion. The new airport and other infrastructure projects are under construction. In the future, the infrastructure level of Gwadar Port link will reach a height.

In terms of investment, in addition to the preferential measures of the federal government, the Balochistan government has also provided 23 years of tax exemption, 100% exemption of equipment import duties at the construction and operation stages of the project, 99 years of land lease, flexible visa management measures, supporting infrastructure and security measures.

It is worth mentioning in particular that the security situation in Balochistan has improved. If Balochistan continues to make efforts to fundamentally improve its security situation, it will attract international tourists and tourism and cultural industry will be greatly developed.

Prof. Cheng noted that the Balochistan government has launched seven projects to promote tourism in coastal areas of the province and work on these projects is in progress. This was revealed at a meeting held on Thursday presided over by Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani.

The meeting also discussed the promotion of tourism, culture and archeology and development schemes at tourist sites in Balochistan. As per the master plan, model beach parks will be established at Gadani, Kund Malir, Ormara, Pasni and Gwadar to provide maximum facilities to tourists. The master plan for the development of tourism facilities in Ziarat and Shaban valleys has also been prepared.