Where is Uzair Baloch? Dead or Alive?

Where is Uzair Baloch? Dead or Alive?

*ISLAMABAD - Uzair Baloch's mother has filed an appeal in a court about whereabouts of his son.*

*The court has directed defence secretary to submit is reply in a case pertaining to Uzair Baloch’s detention. Baloch’s mother has filed a petition to be allowed to meet him. *

“Where has he been kept? Why aren’t we being told?” the judge asked while expressing his anger over the lack of response from the government. No reply was submitted despite court orders, he said.

The defence secretary has been asked to submit a reply by January 22, Tuesday. Deputy Attorney General remarked that they have written a letter to the GHQ regarding Baloch’s custody. The assistant attorney general said that a detailed reply should’ve been submitted on court orders.

His mother’s lawyer said that Uzair Baloch’s family hasn’t been allowed to meet him. He was last presented in court on April 12, 2017.

Pakistan Rangers submitted their reply too. Baloch is currently in military’s custody, it said.