Markhor Hunting goes unchecked in Pakistan?

Markhor Hunting goes unchecked in Pakistan?


A case of Markhor hunting in collaboration with the Wild Life officer of the KP Province has been reported.

A man from Swabi on Monday hunted a Markhor which had horns spanning 45 inches at Chitral’s Golen Community Game Reserve on Monday.

Maqsood Ali, a resident of Swabi, managed to hunt the Himalayan Ibex known for its immense strength.

Chitral Wildlife officer Javed Ahmed helped Ali in the meticulously planned hunt.

The hunter was later allowed by authorities to take with him the carcass of the animal.

Every year, Himalayan and Kashmiri Markhor is hunted for sport with the funds raised by the licenses issued to hunters. This helps address the financial issues being faced by the locals.

Moreover, with the help of conservation committees, a rise has been seen in the presence of indigenous species, such as Markhor, in the area.