Supreme Court Justice slams Shariat law in Swat

Supreme Court Justice slams Shariat law in Swat

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court Judge Justice Dost Muhammad Khan on Thursday harshly rebuked the Shariat law in place in Swat.

The judge was presiding over a three member bench of the Supreme Court (SC) during the hearing into a murder case which had taken place in Swat on November 25.

Counsel for the accused in the case, Babar Awan, said that his clients had been accused of killing one Muhammad Farooq, over a property dispute.

During the hearing, Justice Dost remarked that “Such type of Shariat is enforced in Swat wherein mother, sister and daughter is not included in the share of inheritance. An enemy does not meet his enemy on the occasion of Eid.”

He also criticized the policing in the valley, remarking that the police’s investigations were an impediment in the way to justice.

He added, “Police can detect what is truth and what is lie if it wills so. When investigation is blind then the accused would be released.”