Pakistan opposes nuclear, conventional arms race in region

Pakistan opposes nuclear, conventional arms race in region

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Maintenance of peace and stability in South Asia is the cornerstone of Pakistan's policy as we are opposed to nuclear or conventional arms race in the region, Foreign Office spokesperson Thursday said.

Pakistan's nuclear capability is solely for self-defense and we are committed to credible minimum deterrence, Nafees Zakaria during the weekly briefing at the foreign office said.

Responding to a query he said India's massive arms-buying spree and the consequent conventional asymmetry continue to be a threat to regional peace and stability.

Pakistan does not want to indulge in any arms race and remains committed to pursuing arms control and restraint measures. We believe that the region's scarce resources should be devoted to the socioeconomic uplift of its people, he remarked.

To a question about the house arrest of Hafiz Saeed contrary to Indian involvement in subversive activities in Pakistan, he said there is irrefutable evidence of Indian state actors involvement in perpetrating terrorist activities and terror financing in Pakistan.

Indian state institutions have carried out terrorist attacks on Indian soil and blamed it on others. Confessions of Kulbhushan Yadav and leader of terrorist organization RSS, Swami Aseemanand, revelations made in Maharashtra's Inspector General of Police, S.M. Mushrif's book entitled 'Who Killed Karkare', British Authors Kathy Scott and Adrian Levy's narration in their book 'The Meadows', and US Secretary of Defence, Chuck Hagel's statement are testimonies of Indian state institutions deep involvement in carrying out terrorist activities in Pakistan.

He said India should take corrective actions for itself rather than commenting on other countries affairs.

Replying to another question he said Pakistan has taken all actions against the proscribed elements that are required under the UN sanctions.

Pakistan's action against terrorist elements without discrimination in the larger national interest as well as our sacrifices and losses have been repeatedly acknowledged and appreciated by all the countries.

Our commitment to eradicate the scourge of terrorism from its roots is beyond doubt, he said