Pakistan-Canada to enhance cooperation on climate change

Pakistan-Canada to enhance cooperation on climate change

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Federal Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid here at a meeting held with Canadian High Commissioner Perry Calderwood and Julia Bentley Acting, Director General for South Asian Affairs discussed ways and means of cooperation on issues related to climate change.

Pakistan is 135th on the list of countries emitting carbon emissions and moving up on the list of countries most affected by Climate Change, said a statement issued here today.

Pakistan is facing many climate change effects in the form of glacier melting, flooding, desertification, sea intrusion", said Zahid Hamid.

Zahid also informed that Pakistan is taking many big initiatives on policy level to mitigate the climate change effects.

Pakistan, he said has formulated National Climate Change policy in 2012 which was followed by the Climate Change Framework in 2013.

He also highlighted that recently national Assembly approved Climate Change Act. Under this Act Climate Change Council would be established headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He further added this Council will approve projects related to climate change keeping in view international standards.

Environment was a provincial subject so all these initiatives have been taken by the consultation of provinces.

Minister also highlighted Prime Minister's Green Pakistan program to preserve forestry and wildlife sector in Pakistan.