PTA orders Telecom operators to shut down Black Berry secure services in Pakistan due security concerns

ISLAMABAD Black Berry Company has extended its services till December 30 in Pakistan. Earlier this year Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA demanded its access over the Black Berry Enterprise Services but company refused to do so. If Black Berry Company does not fulfill the demand of PTA, it will have to shut down its services in Pakistan on 30 December. Approximately 4000 to 5000 thousands customers will not avail the services of Black Berry Enterprise Services after the shutting down the services. Black Berry sources said that they will not compromise on the privacy of its customers and company could not allow the government to access over its customer e mails and messages etc. however negotiations are continuing between PTA and company officials over the demands of government. PTA officials said that it is necessary to access the secure services of company for maintaining security situation because Black Berry provide secure communications to the criminals and terrorists in Pakistan have been using Black Berry secure services in Pakistan in terrorism.